This little pet, The Pug is an exceptionally clean dog and has hardly a dog smell.

Hachiko o Hachi

He remembers Hachi, the dog that waited for his master for 10 years, here I tell you his story.

The true story of Hachiko takes place in 1924, when Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor at the University of Tokyo specializing in the science of agriculture, found himself wanting to find a loyal companion to free him a little from his loneliness. So he began to look for an intelligent, autonomous and courageous dog, characteristics that suited the ancient guardians of the emperors: the Akita. It took a long time to find an Akita puppy because for the date there was a shortage in the region. It is said that there were only 30 pure specimens of the species in all of Japan, in Odate, a city in Akita prefecture. There, Ueno chose his pet and baptized him as Hachiko or Hachi.

Dog-friendly Christmas and New Year's Eve Breaks

Today we will talk about a topic, that we should not forget in this Christmas season. And it is the care and prevention we must have with our dear friends the dogs.

And it is that in this time our dogs are more exposed to suffer some accidents, such as, for example, ingestion of foreign bodies, food poisoning and accidents for fear of loud noises as is the case of fireworks.

Santa Claus 🎅

This Christmas we tell you this story. 🎅🎄 🛷🎁

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas, some of the names that the character in charge of spicing up Christmas receives, and the desire for happiness between families.

Its origin for many is mythical and is related to the figure inspired by the Christian bishop Nicholas of Myra, who lived in the fourth century in Anatolia, Turkey, and to date has more than two thousand temples in tribute to him by the world. It is said that his relics are currently kept in Bari, Italy because when the Muslims conquered Turkish territory, a group of Roman Catholics secretly removed the relics of the saint from there and took them to the Italian city.

Haircut for dogs

The theme of today, the haircut of our dogs. Many are the people who treat dogs as if they were human beings, and although they deserve our unconditional love, they also deserve our respect so that if you decide to cut your dog's hair it is because it needs it and not only for aesthetics. As long as it is something advised by our veterinarian, we can make a good haircut to our dog and also have a certain style. Sometimes some dog owners, believe that because people bother their hair in summer to dogs too. And this is not necessarily true since certain breeds are 'prepared' to cool down when it's hot. Even if it's a temporary solution and for the season, cutting the dog's hair can turn into something negative for his health in the long term.